Your Infant’s First Travel – How Will You Manage?

Infant’s First Travel

Becoming a mother to a newly born baby is god’s gift to a woman. It sets additional responsibilities on your shoulders. Your everything now revolves around your child. Your routine, eating habits, sleeping routine, your work, and passion, everything has got one variable attached, which is your baby. Life never remains the same as it was before becoming a mother.

Now if you are a travel enthusiast and wish to travel, you will surely be in a lot of thinking as you aren’t alone now and travelling with a baby will present its challenges, especially for the first time. You may question yourself, “Can I travel with my baby?” In addition, answer to that question is simple, “Yes, of course. You can travel with your baby, but just have to prepare a little differently”.

Is it Dangerous, Irresponsible, Difficult?

You will be thrown a lot of questions to discourage you and buckle you down. Is it difficult – Yes, dangerous, irresponsible or selfish – No. But so is the travelling solo for the first time. Even at times backpacking and travelling without much of planning and reservations. Travelling with a baby would mean more work than picking a handful of diapers, but it’s worth it.

A few tips to get you started planning and packing to go out on your first trip with your baby are:

  • Breastfeed

This is the best time when, as a mother, you do not need to worry much about your baby’s food as breastfeeding is the best food for your baby. Readily available, not to be prepared, and wherever, whenever your baby needs it, can have it. It also spares you the hassle of packing bottles, nipples, food formula, hot water etc. Moreover, it keeps your baby immune and satisfied too on his/her first outing.

  • Carry a sling

A baby carrier allows you to carry your baby on chest or back and hence leaves your both hands free and allows you to carry the baby easily for hours. It allows you to walk, wander around and even do hikes or treks. Slings not only carry the baby, but also substitutes as a blanket, or a changing diaper bag or even as a bed to allow your baby to nap in a sleeping posture.

  • Keep a lot of wipes

Dry and wet wipes come in handy for many occasions and often proven as the best resource for a new mother. Pack lots of them. They can be used to mop up spit-up, sticky hands and faces; even serve as toilet paper (just try not to flush these), and handy to clean surfaces your baby may need to touch. Wipes and surface disinfectants can make the sometimes-grossly public bathroom a little usable in emergencies.

  • Over-scheduling

Remember that you are not alone and travelling with a baby changes a lot of things, especially your travel routine and plans. Often the timings go haywire as you do not know when your baby needs tending. Do not cram too many days or stopovers into your trip schedule. You will end up exhausted, irritated and frustrated at times. Instead plan a relaxed, baby-friendly destination, and allow yourself to have enough time to tend your baby. Do not go strict on the clock.

  • Choose baby-friendly location

Maybe you love to walk the streets, climb peaks, prefers to camp in a jungle, but find your way out in a glacier or backpack to an unknown location to experience the thrill, but why not make your first trip with your baby a different one. The journey of becoming a mother itself is a thrilling one, full of adventures every day.

Why not make your first trip rather a comfortable one:

A destination with suitable weather so that your baby can also adjust (neither too cold nor hot), necessary facilities are available in proximity and make sure to check out the local transport availability.

The hotel where you would be staying is the most important, make sure it has the necessary facilities which can attend to your (baby’s) untimely needs and help you in getting a comfortable stay.

  • Medicine

No doubt this is a first time for your infant, with everything new and different around, it might make your child a little off the routine and cranky. A running, disturbed sleep in an unknown bed, unwanted appearance of teeth (teething), change of weather, upset feeding and sleeping pattern, all this could lead to an upset and cranky baby.

Keep baby Tylenol or Advil or whichever medicine prescribed by your paediatrician handy. A cranky and upset baby is not something you would wish for during your trip.

  • Packing for your baby

This could be one of the exciting but tiring exercises for a mother. Make sure to make a checklist of all necessary things and make sure to pack a separate bag for your baby so that everything stays at one place and easy to fetch when required. Nevertheless, do not over pack by considering “what if” scenario. Do not panic; all necessities will be available wherever you are travelling. Remember, baby-friendly destinations.

  • Finances:                                                                                                                              

This might cross your mind that with a new baby, the expenditure might skyrocket. But it isn’t true. It doesn’t cost a fortune to go on travel with a baby, but still, in case you feel the burden, there are private lenders in the UK which will help you out for your trip with easy and comfortable terms and conditions.

Description: The blog post shares a few tips to allow a new mother to plan her travel with her infant.