How to Date a Herpes Positive?

Herpes Positive

When we hear the word herpes, it sends chills down our spine. There has been a significant misconception around the disease, making many calls it a death sentence in relationships. The truth is that people who are herpes positive can live healthily in a romantic relationship. It also boils down to the level of understanding and love between both partners.

The virus is commonly separated into two distinct classes: HSV 1 and HSV 2. Statistics that about 11 percent of American adults have HSV 1 while another 20 percent have HSV 2. The discovery of your status regarding the herpes virus is capable of bringing low self-esteem and a lack of interest in new Relationships.

This article will be showing you how to date herpes positively and enjoy a blissful relationship.

Tips on Dating a Herpes Positive

Herpes dating has been discouraged by many people because they don’t understand how to date HSV singles. The points we’ll cover here will deal with your fears and Concerns.

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Putting Herpes in Perspective

We have come to understand that the herpes virus has no cure. If you contact any variant of the virus, it stays with you all through your life. Probably scientists may come up with a cure in the years to come, but there’s none for now. So, what happens when you find out that your partner is herpes positive? Does that mean that your Relationships should come to an end? Not at all. Oral and sexual contacts are two things romantic relationships can’t do without, so how do we solve this problem?

The truth is that over a million relationships are surviving fine and have adjusted with the herpes virus. So, your challenge isn’t the end of the road. You can still have a good and average herpes dating. It’s time to look on the bright side and reply to the positivity of the statistics already on the ground. You must come to terms with the figures released by the Center for diseases control that about 50% of people between ages 14& 49 have HSV-1, 12% in the same age category have HSV-2.

Understand that Your Dating Life Is Not Over

One assumption people make is that a herpes positive diagnosis indicates the end of a relationship; this is a normal and expected reaction among many persons. Once they find out that they have contracted the sexually transmitted infection, they feel it automatically translates the joy and beauty of their romantic life.

Genital herpes doesn’t have the same effect on everyone. Some people display mild symptoms, such as skin conditions, while others have severe outbreaks at different year points.

Herpes outbreak as severe conditions is periodical. They might occur scarcely or frequently, all depending on the type of virus you have been diagnosed with. Remember, the intensity of the outbreak depends on the individual.

The physical conditions of the virus now only four a temporal period. The body eventually heals itself within two to three weeks of physical symptoms. After then it gives you relief for some months before reappearing. The advances in modern science have helped in the development of drugs that are capable of suppressing the activity of the virus.

You can have a lower risk of transmitting the virus by taking such medications. Once it is treated and managed correctly, a person who is herpes positive can live every day and a good life.

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Be Transparent with Your Partner

We have discovered that many persons are largely insincere with their partners. It wouldn’t be best to get into a relationship with another person when you are not ready to disclose your herpes status. Your partner should know if you are herpes positive before having any sexual contact with you. In fact, you can even be charged to court for deliberately passing on the virus without the person’s knowledge.

When you are open with your partner, it builds trust and dependability. Your partner becomes safe remaining in the Relationship with you since he/she knows you are truthful. You’d have much worse consequences when you don’t tell them your herpes status and find out they contracted it from you. The devastating effect would be too much to handle.

Don’t get on the negative side; keep being positive. Love can make a person go the extra mile with you. Once you both have a strong connection, your partner wouldn’t care to remain in a relationship with you irrespective of your status.

Take Steps to Reduce Your Transmission Risk

There are proactive steps that ensure that you don’t contract the virus even with immediate sexual contact. These steps reduce your transmission rate and prevent your partner from getting infected.

Your doctor would advise you on some antiviral medications, which you must take regularly. Antiviral medications are used to suppress the effect of the virus and generally reduce the rate of transmission to other persons. The use of barrier contraceptives, condoms, and dental dams is also advisable. Contraceptives are not always effective in preventing the transmission of herpes as physical barriers. Condoms and dental dams reduce direct skin contact during and before sex.

Endeavor to avoid sex during periods when you experience outbreaks. These periods are when the virus is most potent. Even with the already mentioned points, there’s still a High possibility of transmission. Both partners must be prepared to accept this risk before engaging in any sexual activity.

By taking proactive steps, you successfully reduce your chances of getting another person infected with the virus.  You can enjoy an everyday sex life without fears of infections. So, don’t be scared about meeting HSV singles. With the precautions affected, more risks are reduced.

Do Research about Genital Herpes

Information has a way of eliminating a lot of worries. You will never know how vulnerable you are to a thing until you take your time to get information about it. Herpes is dangerous but more dangerous when you are ignorant.

Don’t Allow your ignorance to rob you of a great relationship. It will help if you arm yourself with current updates about the virus from prescriptions, suppressants, and even potential cures. There might be some new signs and symptoms you experience that have a medical explanation. There are several guides available on the internet which can guarantee a safe dating experience.


Dating a herpes-positive person doesn’t automatically mean that you will get the virus. All you need is some level of understanding and precaution. Several relationships all over the world have survived the herpes condition. Don’t be scared; you can have the best dating experience.

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