Meaning of Dreaming About Someone Sexually


Whether together with his partner or a movie star, in an office or on a settee, dreaming of getting sex may be a quite common dream. If it reflects your physical attraction, it can even as easily tell plenty more about you because the subconscious isn’t organized around what’s desired truly but from sometimes incongruous and irrational impulses.

Dreams of making love are, as an example, for CG Jung, the symbol of marriage with oneself. The representation of your carnal union with yourself. It’s, therefore, an excellent moment in your development work.

But, for S. Freud, it’s especially the staging of a genital desire that’s often forbidden. The person you’re with therefore has obvious symbolic value. So, if you dream, as an example, of creating love with a stranger, this can be an indication of an unbridled libido.

In sex therapy, your dream is interpreted rather as a system of compensation and unconscious authorization. Perhaps you’re “missing” or frustrated, for instance, to not undertake new positions. These will then be revealed in your dream. Revealing your fantasies, this dream must act as a detonator of excitations. Dreaming of making love is¬†an awfully common erotic dream. This type of dream doesn’t tell about his only desire for sex. We can even say it often tells something else, and dreamlike coitus has many facets.

Typical scenario

The situations where the dreamer makes love are infinite. You’ll be able to have intercourse in your dreams along with your partner, your boss, your ex, a parent, a friend, a colleague, a golden ager, and a star. You’ll also have intercourse with several people in an exceedingly public place, within the space, in the TGV, the plane, or the tram. These don’t always seem to be pleasant situations. Sometimes, the person with whom one is can create a particular astonishment when arousal because the unconscious isn’t organized around what’s desired truly but from sometimes incongruous and irrational impulses.

Variants of this sexual dream

Dreaming about having sex with a lady, dreaming about having sex together with your supporter, dreaming about sleeping with a stranger, dreaming about masturbating, dreaming about being desperate to urinate, dreaming of getting an itchy vulva, dreaming flying away within the sky, the dream of swinging, dreaming of getting objects within the vagina or anus, dreaming of fellatio, dreaming of hearing sex …

Freudian interpretation

The Freudian interpretation of the dream of constructing love is straightforward: It’s the staging of a genital desire. This could be admissible for the conscious mind, but most frequently, it’s a forbidden desire involved. And this may discuss what Freud called “the primitive scene,” which is to mention that the key and unconscious must see his parent’s lovemaking. Staging yourself within the dream and seeing yourself is as if you’re observing someone apart from yourself. It’s, therefore, a kind of dream that we are dissociated from ourselves. The person we are with has obvious symbolic value. Looking at whether the dreamer knows it, the interpretation will be different.

If the dreamer is typically around the one with whom he or she makes love, it’ll be necessary to wonder what this person represents to the dreamer. If it’s an unknown person, it’s the expression of an unbridled libido that doesn’t must mate with a known face but rather presents freedom to its excess.

Jungian interpretation

For Jung, dreams of mating are dreams of marriage with oneself. We stock King and Queen dimensions within us, which move to mate and form the Royal Marriage, the Hieros Gamos. It’s, therefore, a highly positive moment within the evolution of the topic. In heterosexual coitus, it should be the topic of mating with their animus (for women) or their anima (for men).

But for this to be integrated, it must be understood in and of itself and activated in existence. Otherwise, the topic will remain at the desired stage and can not reach that of realization. Therefore, the unconscious often asks that these weddings occur, but the conscious must potentiate this. In other words, mating will only be genital and sexual rather than taking over a sacred, higher, more liberating dimension.

A contemporary approach to intercourse therapy

In a less symbolic approach, we will look at this sort of dream in an exceedingly more basic way. The dream is seen as a system of compensation and unconscious authorization. The inquiries will revolve around the following: Are we in an exceedingly period of abstinence? Can we ‘want’ this man or this woman? Within the case of “particular” sexual practices: Can we realize what the dream shows? And if we did, what would happen? Will we have this dream often? The solution to those questions allows the dreamer to urge as close as possible to his fantasies staged by the dream. This one acts as a detonator of excitation.