Tips on Dating and Living With HIV

Living With HIV

You not alone”, this should be the message that is made clear to those living with HIV, YES there is a world of those living with HIV and those without that are willing to lend a helping hand especially to those that have been recently diagnosed with HIV as they are the most vulnerable. They would judge their prevailing situation with how people would think of them, family and friends. Some will end up thinking or even taking their own life. If you get to interact with people you will be surprised at how some HIV victims are so strong over 20 years after them knowing they have the virus.

 Here are things they never fail to mention

Time to Pursue Your Dreams and Passion, Death is always written in the back of their mind but they try to suppress that feeling by doing only the things that are important to them and trying to live life on the edge thou in the best possible way. Just do what you always enjoy doing, work on yourself.

Be Happy and Exercise, Always find something to make you happy, this is the time to go out Take part in events and engage in activities this, in turn, will make you have inner peace and forget your situation.

Eat Healthy and Take Your Drugs, To have the energy that is required to make your body fight those aid you need to eat good healthy food not forgetting eating plenty of fruits and also taking your ARVs on a daily basis

Recent Trends

Therapy advances, treatment of HIV today is simpler, better and faster. New formulations have been introduced i.e a 3-in-1 daily tablet (Atripla), availability of many low-cost generics and a host of refinements to existing drugs and clinical profiles, based on substantial advancements in understanding how to manage the virus.

Improved understanding of disease progression and ART impact, Research, has made it possible for a number of issues in this regard better understood.


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