HIV Dating Sites: Helpful or Harmful?

HIV Dating Sites

Finding the right partner is no easy walk; however, this walk becomes more confident when diagnosed with something like HIV. For an HIV single, it could be tough to step out because their issue could be something they would want to avoid. And, an honest disclosure when things reach a sexual level is a bit difficult. HIV-positive dating sites are a reality that is here to stay, and holding this kind of discussion will help us understand the HIV-positive dating space. Luckily different platforms are assisting HIV-positive people in finding love.

Dating sites have always been where many people haven’t explored much love. But developing trends are demystifying the stereotype regarding such websites. Hence, I was surprised when I stumbled on dating site for HIV-positive singles. On this site, single people genuinely search for love or a relationship. It got me thinking about whose needs they represent and the idea behind the site. Some would argue it gives a chance to a minority dealing with a similar issue. On the contrary, the sites are open to criticism considering the aspect of morality and the idea of an ideal dating setup.


“The positive and the negative of STD-positive dating sites” hinted at a statement made by Jenelle Marie[spokeswoman-]. She argues that sites like the one she represents help people with STDs, including HIV, get back into the dating arena. To concur, one would see the need for that considering’s boost of 800,000 users.

The fact that a person is ailing doesn’t eliminate their rights to association and love. These sites offer a springboard back to everyday life surrounded by people who understand your situation. And who better to know than a person in the same predicament?

The Importance of Necessity and Dilemma in Innovation

One of my teachers always emphasized that necessity was the mother of invention. With that in mind, a dilemma one might be in may result in innovative solutions. Think of the niche or void brought by a group of individuals who no longer feel comfortable in the natural world setting. That is the kind of space that HIV-positive dating sites tend to occupy. Something like a haven for HIV-positive people.

Statics featured in the Tonic vice article “What’s it’s like to date when you are straight and HIV positive” indicates that an estimated one million people have HIV. CDC estimated that one in every seven people doesn’t know their status. Given this fact, it would be inconsiderate not to factor in this demographic as HIV-positive dating sites do. Consideration should be made in every aspect of life. Another interesting observation is how much people avoid these conversations; such platforms create a space to engage.

Looking at things objectively, one would see how difficult it could be for HIV positive person to get a potential partner in a bar or a coffee shop “ “. This was the idea behind creating date, A HIV-positive dating website. Sure enough, not many people would understand the feeling. But if the telltale signs are anything to go by, there is much relief in having an alternative.


The biggest clients in HIV-positive dating sites are positive. This situation poses a risk as some people don’t realize they could have different traits of the same disease. The danger in this is the risk of contracting multiple characteristics of an STD. A situation that could heighten the ailment. Another aspect to consider is the rampant cyberbullying vice. Malicious individuals would subscribe to dating sites to exploit people’s vulnerabilities. HIV-positive dating sites create a brooding space for these voices that pose a real risk to the internet fraternity.