Dating Someone with HIV – You Can still has A Love Life

Dating Someone with HIV

Contracting HIV can be a terrifying experience. Besides the fear of it progressing to AIDS, HIV-positive individuals worry that their dating life is over. However, this doesn’t have to be the case; many people with HIV have amazing sexual relationships. The Internet especially has opened the doors for HIV-positive people to get around the stigma and meet like-minded folks. Therefore, if you’re HIV positive and reading this, don’t worry that you’ll be alone forever – there is hope! In this post, we’ll go over advice for those considering dating someone with HIV, those with HIV looking for partners, and finally the benefits of HIV dating sites.

Advice for Those Considering Dating Someone with HIV

So you met someone great, but found out they have HIV? A person’s HIV status doesn’t need to get in the way of building a relationship. If you’re considering going steady with someone who has HIV, don’t let that fact ruin what could be an incredible experience. It’s hard to find anyone who’s perfect, and if you’re compatible in every other aspect don’t be discouraged. Obviously, however, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions when having sex: use male or female condoms correctly. This drastically decreases the risk of transmission. Also, if a person is taking medication for HIV, the risk of the healthy partner contracting the virus is greatly reduced. You don’t need to worry about kissing, as HIV can’t be transmitted through saliva.

Advice for HIV Positive People Looking for HIV Negative Partners

If you have HIV, on the other hand, there is the option of looking only for partners who are HIV positive. However, it’s not necessary to limit yourself to that. There are, of course, benefits, which we’ll get to below, but you can still meet people the old-fashioned way: going to bars, clubs, and the like.

One thing (and one of the most difficult aspects of this) you’ll have to consider when dating someone with HIV is when to disclose your status to them. If you tell them before they have a chance to get to know you, they may reject you based on that alone. If you tell them after you’ve developed a bond, they may be less likely to reject you but angry that you weren’t upfront about your condition. Carefully weigh the pros and cons here.

HIV Dating Sites: One of the Best Ways for HIV Positive People to Date

Although you can certainly meet potential dates in the real world, one of the best new ways for HIV-positive people to meet others with the virus is through HIV dating sites. Countless success stories have emerged from these sites. There are many benefits to using an HIV dating site – the most obvious is that you don’t have to worry about disclosing your HIV status to people as they’ll already know! Also, if both members of a relationship are HIV positive, there’s no risk of transmission (which is about 1 in 1,000 when using condoms, by the way).

One thing people with HIV will have surely experienced is being bombarded with stupid questions from people who have no idea how the virus spreads. When using an HIV dating site, you won’t have to worry about this sort of thing. What about traditional dating sites? Trying to find a date on a “normal” dating website will come with difficulties; many people trying out online dating are already worried about the possibility of unsafe sex, so there’s a much higher chance that you could be rejected. This is another problem circumvented by using an HIV-positive dating site.


Although having HIV will certainly make dating a bit more difficult, so many people with the virus have happy and fulfilling relationships. Luckily, there are many options for a person with HIV when it comes to love. The world is becoming more understanding and less judgmental of these sorts of things, so rest assured that everything will be okay and you’ll still be able to have deep, meaningful relationships.

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