Long-term Relationship Advice for People with HIV

people with hiv

Can you have fun and a fulfilling dating life with an infected partner? Yes, you can have fun and enjoy a good life.  People Living with HIV can as well go for vacations, attend college go for movies and as well date fall in love and get happily married. In addition, they can bring up healthy kids who are HIV negative.

Falling in love is one of the most normal behaviors for human beings. In fact, feelings grow mutually between us we enjoy same things we do together, get along together, and it looks like there is a brighter future for everyone ahead. Love grows too deep till you feel like the person you are in love with is the best match for you Only to find out that the love you've grown is for a great person but infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

When you become intimate, is it essential to discuss HIV and health issues? It's important to address health issues concerning HIV when you become intimate. If you are dating or in a relationship, it can prompt to intimacy. Therefore, it's considered important to go for a test together ready to disclose the information to each other. The testing procedure is always in a matter of minutes at any health department, and the test is usually free. However, people should be permitted to invite their partners and be there when the results are given.

If your mate is HIV positive, what should you do? In the beginning, it's always imperative to determine whether the person you are in the relationship with is undergoing a proper HIV treatment. The viral load can be significantly reduced with recent drug therapy. Also, it helps not only to protect the partner but also to keep the infected one in better health.

As the partner can, can I avoid catching HIV? Transmission of HIV is done through body fluids like blood, semen, breast milk, virginal fluid, and other body fluids that contain blood. By avoiding these types of body fluids, the partner can easily be free from getting HIV positive. Body contacts like handshaking, normal skin contact and hugging can't transmit HIV, but if kissing while both partners have mouth ulcers, it may be possible.

Pregnancy Marriage with an infected partner is possible. A lot of cases, throughout the world, where one partner has been recorded to be positive. The safest way to avoid being infected is to have protected sex, and perhaps the best choice is to avoid pregnancy. Infected couples can still have children via the test-tube process.